De-Risking the Ophthalmic Clinical Trial

From the trial sponsor, to clinical investigators, to site coordinators, to technicians, it takes a large team—and a lot of money—to conduct a clinical trial. Since trials take place across multiple sites and multiple organizations, keeping everything and everyone moving forward together is a hefty challenge.

If it’s your trial, you’ve no doubt put it in capable hands, and you don’t want to micromanage it. But how can you cover yourself against what should be manageable risks—like a technician in South Bend who isn’t following the protocol or a site in San Diego that’s fallen behind in patient recruitment?

Now it’s possible for a project manager to know these things in real time. With this knowledge errors can be corrected, technicians can be retrained, and the trial kept on time and on budget. All this—and much more—is possible with some exceptional new software called EXCELSIOR™ that has been developed by EyeKor LLC expressly for the purpose managing ophthalmic clinical trials.

In fact, EXCELSIOR™ has received FDA 510k clearance as a class 2 medical device with an indication specifically for use in managing ophthalmic clinical trial data. “EXCELSIOR™ is the very best software available for ophthalmic clinical trials. It enables corporate sponsors and venture capitalists to de-risk their substantial investments in clinical trials by offering greater insight and real-time management of data collection and analysis,” says Luca Sergio, Managing Partner, Ethis Healthtech.  

Interested in learning more about the exceptional EXCELSIOR™ software for ophthalmic clinical trial management? Contact Luca Sergio: 212-791-1440