A Clear Choice for Patient Satisfaction

A recent study sought to identify the factors that influenced how satisfied patients were with their visits to an ophthalmology clinic. Not surprisingly, they found a significant (inverse) correlation between patient wait times and overall satisfaction. In fact, patients who reported complete satisfaction waited about half as long as those who were not completely satisfied—independent of their payment status.

Growing and sustaining a healthcare practice depends on maximizing patient satisfaction—as well as patient throughput. In many offices, the very first step—check-in—can be a bottleneck and a source of frustration for patients (not to mention front-desk staff). But it doesn’t have to be.

By spending an average of 2 to 3 minutes at a Clearwave kiosk, patients can be fully checked-in, their insurance benefits verified, and, as applicable, their consents given and copay or balance paid. The Clearwave system allows practice staff to see patients’ status in real time; once checked-in, patients can be called for their appointments right away—with no need to visit the front desk first.

The Clearwave kiosk is straightforward and simple for patients to use, and it delivers big benefits. In one practice, introducing Clearwave (without adding other equipment or staff) facilitated a 7% increase in patients seen per day, and a 94% reduction in claims rejections. For the practice, the monetary return on investment with Clearwave can be a game-changer. And for patients, less time spent waiting and filling out forms can mean a better quality visit, and greater satisfaction with the practice. 

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