Saving Staff Time for Something More Productive

In a busy medical practice, patient check-in and insurance verification occupy a large chunk of front-desk staff time. Yet over the last 5 years, 25% to 30% of physician practices report having cut down on non-physician staff. In addition, dwindling reimbursements and other financial pressures compel practices to see more patients. With fewer staff to handle increased patient volume, it is imperative that practices make the most of the staff they do have.

Fortunately, small procedural changes can often produce big results. Integrating the Clearwave self-service check-in and verification solution, for example, can greatly reduce the amount of time staff members spend entering and checking patient demographic data, as well as insurance and payment details.

In just a few minutes at a Clearwave kiosk, patients can verify their personal data and insurance eligibility and settle their copays directly, helping the practice collect payment at the time of service. The Clearwave solution not only significantly reduces the errors of manual entry—and consequent claims rejections—it also opens up time for staff to spend on other office duties and patient services.

Importantly, this means that staff can afford to focus more on improving patients’ experience in the practice. More efficient check-in with Clearwave can mean shorter wait times—potentially increasing the quality of the time patients spend in the practice—and more time for staff to answer questions, set follow-up appointments, and inform patients about services like laser vision correction.

Indeed, a smooth, efficient visit to the practice and positive interactions with the staff can turn quickly into patient loyalty, and referrals of friends and family.