Technology that Starts Profitable Conversations

Marketing a healthcare practice can be an expensive and uncertain enterprise, with never-ending questions like: Can we reach our market at a more reasonable cost? How can we make our messages more appealing? How can we make our spending was effective?

Even when external marketing efforts are successful, it’s still important to make sure that current patients know about the elective services the practice offers. Some patients will spontaneously bring up a problem that triggers a discussion of an elective service. But many patients will walk in and out without ever asking for something they want because they simply don’t know that the practice has a solution to their problem. Or they forget to ask during the visit.

In a perfect world, patients could be reminded at the beginning of their visit about elective procedures or special products they are likely to be interested in. In many practices, the Clearwave check-in and verification solution does just this. When patients enter the practice and interact with the Clearwave self-service kiosk, they verify personal data and insurance eligibility, settle copays—and also respond to a few short queries about elective options that may be of interest to them.

Messages can be customized based on patient data (eg, age, gender, reason for appointment, time of year), with positive responses transmitted automatically to clinicians, equipping them and their staff to start a productive dialog with the patient. In one practice, marketing leads for elective procedures more than doubled when they started asking simple questions as part of the check-in on their Clearwave kiosk.

In addition to significant gains in practice efficiency, billing accuracy, and collections, the Clearwave kiosk adds value as a targeted marketing tool. At no added cost, marketing via Clearwave enables the practice to reach a captive audience, offer customized messages, and enable the practice to take action before the patient walks out.