What is Ethis HealthTech? 

Ethis Healthtech, LLC, serves early-stage and emerging firms in the fields of eyecare and mobile/digital healthcare by providing market entry planning and support, and strategic communications. Working with both pre-revenue and later-stage firms, the Ethis Healthtech team can draw upon decades of experience in ophthalmology and optometry, technology and commercialization, construction of go-to-market strategies, management of sales teams, and implementation of all aspects of marketing and communications. With a deep network among ophthalmic and digital health multinationals, clinical key opinion leaders, and investors, Ethis Healthtech supports all aspects of its clients’ growth activities.

Who is Ethis HealthTech?

Luca Sergio  

Luca Sergio  

David Kellner

David Kellner

LaVon Kellner

LaVon Kellner

Luca Sergio is CEO of Ethis Communications and Managing Partner of Ethis HealthTech, the former being a marketing communications agency focused on ophthalmology and optometry and the latter being a consultancy addressing strategy and business development opportunities in eyecare, digital health and beyond.

Luca has focused his energies on multinational technology commercialization, leading sales, marketing, and product development teams in the ophthalmic, dental, and infection control verticals. Most recently prior to taking the helm at Ethis, Luca served as Vice President of Sales, Americas, for Topcon Medical Systems, a Japanese ophthalmic diagnostic and healthcare IT firm, and earlier as Vice President of Marketing for WaveLight, Inc., a German ophthalmic surgical laser company.

His passions are all things eyecare (on a global basis), healthcare social media, and particularly mHealth (mobilized healthcare) / healthcare IT. He was the architect of the first mHealth application / cloud system in ophthalmology, Topcon’s EyeRoute Synergy system.  

With David and LaVon Kellner, Luca cofounded Ethis Healthtech, LLC, in 2013. 

Please read more via his LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/lmsergio/ his Twitter feed: @lmsergio or via his Google+ profile.


David Kellner has spent the last 30-plus years in medical and science publishing. Starting as the associate editor of the Journal of Metals, an engineering publication, he became senior editor of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. With Joanne McCaffery, he co-founded Kellner/McCaffery Associates, Inc. in 1980 to provide editorial services and advertising sales assistance to small and mid-size medical societies. David sold the company in 1993 and, after taking some time off, became a consultant to one of his former clients and then joined Elsevier Science as an Associate Publisher with responsibility for list of prestigious titles including Bone and Survey of Ophthalmology.

With his wife LaVon, David launched Refractive Eyecare, a controlled circulation publication for ophthalmologists, in 1997, leaving Elsevier the next year to work full-time on the new publication. In time, David and LaVon made Refractive Eyecare a part of Ethis Communications, Inc., a medical communications company they formed in 1998. In 2001 they launched The Ocular Surface, a peer-reviewed journal whose Impact Factor ranked it as the number three journal (out of 48) in ophthalmology. The Ocular Surface was sold to Elsevier in 2012, and Ethis Communications continued as the premier medical communications firm in the eyecare space.

With Luca Sergio, David and LaVon cofounded Ethis Healthtech, LLC, in 2013.


LaVon Kellner was recruited out of college to the fast-track management program at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. As part of that program she did a 3-month rotation in sales that began a life-long commitment to a career in relationship selling. Before promotion to sales management, LaVon was the first woman in Hallmark’s 75 years to be allowed to sell in New York City.

LaVon’s sales career continued at Starbucks, where she managed bulk coffee sales to hotels and restaurant chains. From Starbucks, she went to Random House before taking over (from her husband David) publishing of Refractive Eyecare, which she built from a tiny startup to a flourishing magazine.

In 1998 she and David cofounded Ethis Communications, Inc., which they built into the premier medical communications company in the eyecare space. Along the way, she was the founding publisher of The Ocular Surface, which quickly became the number three publication (of 48) as ranked by the Institute for Scientific Information in global eyecare.

Outside of eyecare, LaVon is passionate about art and holds frequent salons at her home where artists, museum movers and shakers, gallerists, and collectors mingle to talk about their common interests.

With Luca Sergio, LaVon and David cofounded Ethis Healthtech, LLC, in 2013.