Clearwave Corporation


Clearwave Corporation is the leading provider of self-service kiosk registration and insurance verification solutions. Clearwave’s technology dramatically reduces the time patients spend checking in by allowing patients to enter their own data. The kiosk then automatically validates the patient’s insurance—in real time—collects copays and outstanding balances, and handles most of the paper associated with HIPAA consent forms and meaningful use questions. Beyond these great efficiencies, practices can build revenue by using the kiosks to engage patients with questions about direct-pay services such as LASIK, premium IOLs, and other services.



EyeKor, LLC.


EyeKor, LLC., provides access to a coordinated network of established reading centers and clinical trial experts that offers a complete spectrum of integrated ophthalmic clinical trial services. The EXCELSIOR™ software platform is used to harmonize processes between diverse reading centers. EyeKor experts are unified through common standard operating procedures, quality control and assurance, regulatory compliance, and computing infrastructure. The company’s expertise encompasses a diverse array of ophthalmic testing methods that include fundus photography and angiography, optical coherence tomography, fundus autofluorescence imaging, dark adaptation, automated visual field testing, specular microscopy imaging, ocular surface evaluation, and electrophysiological testing.



Phase IV Eyecare Studies


As a result of device malfunctions outside of ophthalmology, new legislation is rapidly moving through the European Parliament that will impose significant new regulatory burdens on device manufacturers. It is expected that these laws will go into effect in 2015. 

These burdens will necessitate ongoing clinical trials beyond those required for CE (Conformité Européenne) marking, which indicates compliance with EU legislation. These post-market studies will entail complexity, cost, and a heavy IT burden in terms of data collection, evaluation, and reporting.

Our collaborative team of IROC Science to Innovation AG, EyeKor, LLC, and Ethis HealthTech, LLC, has a solution specifically engineered to help ophthalmic implantable device manufacturers meet the upcoming European Union (EU) requirements for ongoing phase iv post-market surveillance studies.